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Market Report

PDF of TIFFCOM 2012. Market Report can be read here.

Registration About Buyer

Eligibility for applicants

Industry professionals of Film, TV, Animation, VIDEO/DVD, Mobile, Internet, Comics, Publications, and Others who actually involve in content acquisition activities.

If you are successfully registered as Buyer at Content Market (TBD), you are eligible for

  • Publishing your information on official guidebook and website
  • Access to the member site "MY PAGE".
  • Searching participants on database.
  • Access to market Screening (except for Invitation only)
  • Making a reservation for Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) PI Screening
  • Access to a special lounge and Business Center (TBC)
  • Participating related events (except for invitation only)
  • Receiving newsletters.

registration notes

  • Please proceed to the "Buyer Registration" below. Fill out all the necessary information to complete your registration.
  • Those who wish to register as a buyer will need to present their buyer history to verify the information,the Content Market (TBD) Organizer's Office may contact to confirm the detailed information.Organizer's office will inform you within two weeks about the results of the application.
  • ID Badge will sent by post to those who complete the registration by September 5th. (Only for Japan address)
    Those who registered after September 6th till October 4th, ID Badge can be picked up at the registration desk onsite(GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA).
  • ID Badge can only be picked up at GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA. It can not be picked up at the venue of the 26th Tokyo International Film Festival at Roppongi.
  • Buyer registration can only be done by pre-registration and no on-site registrations.

Registration Procedure and Fee

  • How to register:Please register from the below.
  • Deadline:Friday October 4, 2013 (Japan Time)
  • Buyer Registration Fee:Free(Valid during the event dates)

Privacy Policy Statement

1. The Exhibitor shall abide by the Japanese "Personal Information Protection Law" and applicable laws and regulations in the case of collecting "Personal Information" through the exhibitions. In particular, when providing Personal Information to any third party, the Exhibitor shall obtain permission from the identical person without fail. In the event of dispute between the Exhibitor and the identical person of the Personal Information, the corresponding dispute shall be settled through mutual consultation between both the parties hereto, and in no event shall the Organizer be liable for the case.

2. The Content Market (TBD) secretariat makes its best efforts to properly and safety manage the Personal Information provided by the clients, and takes protective measures to prevent any disclosure, loss of or damage to the Personal Information by setting forth the Personal Information Handling Policy as prescribed below. The Personal Information collected will be used for the purposes as stated below in order to assist in mutual business with the industry based on the prior consent of the clients.

  1. To publish on "Who's who" on the official website.
  2. To publish in "Who's who" in the official guidebook.
  3. To feature corporate information and information on the exhibits in various publications to be distributed in the venue.
  4. To feature the individual in the official video or market report.
  5. To prepare ID badges, which include the family name, company name, nationality, and facial photo to identify individual.
  6. To provide various services by phone, mail or e-mail, and to deliver news periodically.
  7. To make research, analyze or plan products or services to be provided to clients through market research, data analysis or questionnaires.
  8. To announce new events, symposiums or seminars to be taken place.
  9. To verify the individual, to confirm a certain information or registered information for managing the Exposition, or to contact the individual to deliver information. However, for disclosure of information on the website, only individuals who have been assigned an ID and password will be disclosed.

In no circumstances unless required by the government authorities lawfully and the purposes mentioned above, no personal information is disclosed to any third party without any consent from the individual. When a part of or the whole operation is outsourced, the Content Market (TBD) Secretariat shall establish a proper management structure to protect the Personal Information, and enter an Non-disclosure Agreement with the supplier to ensure that the Personal Information of the clients is strictly managed. For any inquiry pertaining to the handling of the Personal Information, please contact us at the contact number stated in this Rule and Regulations. For various data gathered through the Exhibition Application, the Organizer property protects and manages them in accordance with the "Content Market (TBD) Privacy Policy".



Content Market (TBD) Organizer's Office

4F Shinkawa K・T Bldg., 1-28-44 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3553-4808 FAX: +81-3-3553-4787
E-mail: tiffcom2013@tiffcom.jp